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Mulligan: The People’s Sport

Amy Carlson, Bokeum Jeon, Caleb Miller, Madoka Wada Clark, Tessa Paul, Tiffany Burkey, and Duncan Rutstein

Inspired by a disc golf course, Mulligan finds an alternative use of the space, interrupting the sport to create a playful experience that focuses more on connection than technical skill. The core mechanic remains: move a projectile from one point to another with a series of actions. However, individually throwing discs toward a predefined goal is exchanged for the collaborative movement of a ball using comically awkward tools and whatever means necessary. By removing the individuality and competitive aspect of the original game, Mulligan forces collaboration and communication among participants to create their own outcomes. Through chaotic, cooperative gameplay, the project welcomes people into the space without competition or judgement.

Industrial elastic fabric is stretched through CNC milled plywood frames to create a relentlessly bouncy surface.

Video edited by Caleb Miller